Exclusive Book Launch Event

Girls Rule!

The next book in the series ‘Girls Rule!’ will be launched at Burnside Library on Sat 20 July 2024 @1:45pm

Cnr Portrush Rd & Greenhill Rd, Tusmore

Enter through rear access carpark

Come along and meet the girls from the cast and the author of the books from the smash hit Netflix series.

Have your photo with Emily Morris (Maddy), Zoe Burns (Scarlett), Akira Van (Li) & Luciana Valdez Tirado (Maya)

And a very special cast member appearance as well!


Purchased Books and Posters will be handed out on the day at arrival.

Extra copies of both books 'Best Friends Forever!' and 'Girls Rule!' will be available for purchase at the event for a special discounted price.


Meet & Greet at Waverley Gymnastics Centre

To celebrate the release of the next book in the series ‘Girls Rule!’ EMILY MORRIS (Maddy), JADALEE HENRY (Kyra), and ELYSIA MARKOU (Beccy) will be meeting fans, signing books and posters at

Waverley Gymnastics Centre

Sun July 28 @ 2:00pm

2A Park Road, Oakleigh.

Also attending and signing books is the creator of the smash hit Netflix series and author of the books Clay Glen.

Come along and have your photo with Emily (Maddy), Jadalee (Kyra) & Elysia (Beccy)

Pre-purchase++ your book and poster* at the special event price below

By purchasing a book you gain access to the priority fast track line to meet the cast at the event

*Free posters to the first 150 attending the event

++Purchased Books and Posters will be handed out on the day at arrival.

Best Friends Forever! - Waverley

1 x Book and poster

Waverley Gymnastics Centre 28/07/24 @ 2:00pm


Girls Rule! - Waverley Book launch

1 x Book and poster

Waverley Gymnastics Centre 28/07/24 @ 2:00pm


Best Friends Forever! & Girls Rule! - Waverley

2 x Books and poster

Waverley Gymnastics Centre 28/07/24 @ 2:00pm


New Mini Episodes!

The story continues!

New mini epsiodes that follow on from the smash hit Netflix series!

Mini Episode 1

Mini Episode 2

New Books & Audiobooks

Exciting New Books and Audiobook Series!

Gymnastics Academy will be releasing a series of new books and audiobooks following the drama, gymnastics, fun and friendships with the Gymnastics Academy girls.

The first book Best Friends Forever! is now released.

The next book Girls Rule! releases shortly.

Don’t miss out on following your favourite characters as they face a new year of challenges at the Coreega Academy

The story continues straight on from the Netflix full series and the just released mini episodes in the book and audiobook series.

Each book has over 180 easy reading pages with illustrations.

Great for self guided reading or perfect for bedtime reading.

The Audiobooks have over 10 hours of listening each.

Best Friends Forever audiobook expected release is June ’24.

Free Audiobook

Listen for FREE

Best Friends Forever! Chapter 1

Like to listen to the first chapter of Best Friends Forever?

Emily Morris (Maddy) narrates the audiobook Best Friends Forever!

-Click to play below-

Reader Reviews

Here is what our readers think!

Lara’s review

Hannah’s review

Signed Copies

Limited copies available signed by the series cast

We have limited copies to purchase of the first book Best Friends Forever! signed by some of the cast of the Netflix series and the author.

Email below to find out what is available.

The Series

Best Friends Forever!


Kyra, Tess, Scarlett and Li arrive back at the Coreega Gymnastics Academy after summer break ready for the new year. Kyra has a new competitor for top spot Georgina, a new gymnast at the club. In the first competition of the season Kyra, Tess and Scarlett get beaten badly. Maddy tells the girls "you're only as good as your last result." The loss sets off division in the team. Kyra takes losing badly and blames Maddy who is spending more and more time training for her own upcoming Olympic trials. Kate and Shane get devastating news leaving Maddy without a coach. Kyra is faced with an impossible decision.

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Girls Rule!

Releasing July 2024

Maddy has less and less time to coach the Coreega girls and Kyra. Gabby fuels resentment in Kyra towards Maddy for her own ends. Gabby schemes to take over the club for her own self interest creating huge division in the elite girls with surprisingly Kyra the only one supporting Gabby. Maya tries to convince Kyra not to trust Gabby but Kyra won’t listen. Scarlett kicks a massive goal for own well being as does Tess. Li takes on a new challenge with surprising results. Tess and Maya decide to work together to get through to Kyra and uncover what Gabby is really up to. Beccy has a big decision to make.

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Maximum Effort!

Releasing 4th quarter 2024

Maddy has an offer from an old friend to coach her for the Olympic trials, meanwhile Gabby is training Kyra also for the Olympic trials. They are going to be going head to head for the one gymnastics position available. As Maddy is an older gymnast her new coach gets very creative with Maddy's training to try and give her an edge. The rest of the team still need to perform in the Academy competition to retain their scholarships. The girls are also determined to find out what Gabby is really up to, so they can bring Kyra back into the fold. For Maddy and Kyra it all comes down to the final competition. Who will win the final Olympic spot?

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Meet the Cast!

Cast Meet & Greet

Keep an eye out for 'meet the cast' events including poster give aways.

Check out our social media pages for the latest events coming up.

Get to know the Cast!

Love the Series and the Films?

Click on a cast member and they’ll tell you about themselves.

Don’t forget to check out the two feature films and follow the story from the very beginnning - all on Netflix.

A Second Chance

A Second Chance: Rivals!




New Books Order & Pre-order

Best Friends Forever!

Book 6 of the New Series


$16.95 AU

(plus shipping)

Girls Rule!

Book 7 of the New Series

releasing July 2024

$16.95 AU

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Maximum Effort!

Book 8 of the New Series

releasing 4th quarter 2024

$16.95 AU

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Audio Book Pre-order

Best Friends Forever!


(Book & headphones for illustration purposes only)


Releasing in July ‘24

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'Best Friends Forever!'


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Books 1-5 Available Soon!

Think you know the story? Think again!

Fresh new versions of the original stories but told through the eyes of each of the main characters in the story of each book.

Get an amazing insight into the viewpoint of each hero girl in the much loved stories.

Books progressively available in 2024/25

Gymnastics Academy Book 1

Maddy’s 2nd Chance!

Gymnastics Academy Book 2


Gymnastics Academy Book 3

Kyra’s Last Chance

Gymnastics Academy Book 4

Scarlett’s Redemption

Gymnastics Academy Book 5

The Championships